Using Flipgrid as an alternate means of formative assessment in your classroom

Students love using flipgrid to show what they know

Finding different ways to assess your students can be difficult but rewarding. While writing skills are important and something that needs to be consistently reviewed and worked on, speaking is also an important but overlooked skill.

Easy Ways to Have a Productive Parent-Teacher Conference

Tips and Tricks for parent teacher conferences includes a freebie

Parent-teacher conferences seem to come up quickly each year. November appears to be the universal month to meet with parents and touch base with how their child is progressing in the classroom.

How to Use Quotes to Empower Students in Your Classroom

How to use inspirational quotes to empower students in your classroom

If you follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love a good quote. Whether it’s inspirational or funny, I can identify with so many. I enjoy sharing them out and finding ones that represent where I am currently as an educator and as a person.

How to Use Kami in your Blended Learning Classroom

How to use kami in a pinch

Kami is a PDF app that works with Google Drive and Classroom.

Five Reasons You Need to Start Using Nearpod in Your Classroom

Integrating technology into your classroom with Nearpod

Have you jumped on the Nearpod bandwagon yet? If not, you will after reading about all the things it can do. I started using Nearpod only after the principal of my school emailed asking who would like a free account. Knowing nothing about it, I wanted it because it was free so I signed up. Sometimes the stars align and you know that it is fate. 😊

Easy, FREE Science Activities for Your Classroom

Free, easy science experiments for your classroom

OK, it may not be entirely FREE but it will be super cheap. I love to engage my students as much as possible. Providing fun learning experiences is most certainly a great way to keep them motivated and learning so I try to incorporate these types of hands-on activities as much as possible. When I do, I will share them with you so that you can try them out too.

Metric Measurement Activities for Your Science Classroom

Metric measurement ideas for your classroom

In science, students must be taught how to measure using the metric system. In the United States, this can be confusing because up until middle school level, students are taught the standard system using inches, feet, cups, and pounds.

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