Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Kristin. I have been teaching middle school special education on Long Island, New York for over ten years. Much of my time has been spent in Science and small group reading. Science is a passion of mine as I feel it is one of the most overlooked subjects. I think that many are intimidated by science instead of embracing it. Science welcomes mistakes, as it can be one of our great learning tools. Small group reading entails decoding and fluency. I have had the pleasure of watching students excel in the three years that I have them. In addition to these two subjects, I have also taught social studies and English language arts. I love teaching something different each year as it helps me to continue to learn and grow as a teacher. When I am not teaching, I love to take kickboxing classes to help stay in shape and de-stress from life. I enjoy spending time with my husband and our furry child, Samson. My husband and I love taking car rides to try out new restaurants. Pizza is my favorite although dessert is my most favorite. Ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies.... Yum!

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