Making the Periodic Table of Elements FUN for Your Students

Just hearing the words, periodic table of elements, kinda makes me want to take a nap. Do you feel the same way? It took me a little bit of time but now when I hear these words, I think of how much fun you can have with the periodic table, who knew?If you are wondering how you can have the same feelings I do about the periodic table, read below to see how I teach this unit. 

How to Effectively Use Flipbooks in Your Classroom

science flipbooks, martin luther king jr chemical and physical changes

Flipbooks are something that I really enjoy using in my secondary classroom. I have created different kinds of flipbooks across grade levels and subject areas for a variety of different tasks. Have you tried using flipbooks in your classroom? I am going to give you three reasons why you need to try this in your classroom right away. 

Three Ways to Pump Up Your Review

Ways to engage and motivate your students with review

Sick and tired of the review activities you use with your students? Reviewing before a test can sometimes bore students (and teachers). They might be sick of hearing the same information over and over and over again. I used to do the same exact review with my students until I realized if I was bored with it, they probably were too. I then looked into different ways to switch it up.

Three Ways to Keep Your Sanity Throughout the Holidays in a Middle School Classroom

spreading comfort and joy in a middle school classroom

        This year I teamed up with a group of secondary teachers to bring you fresh ideas on how to bring “comfort and joy” into your classrooms this holiday season in the Twelve Days of December Blog Hop.

Using Flipgrid as an alternate means of formative assessment in your classroom

Students love using flipgrid to show what they know

Finding different ways to assess your students can be difficult but rewarding. While writing skills are important and something that needs to be consistently reviewed and worked on, speaking is also an important but overlooked skill.

Easy Ways to Have a Productive Parent-Teacher Conference

Tips and Tricks for parent teacher conferences includes a freebie

Parent-teacher conferences seem to come up quickly each year. November appears to be the universal month to meet with parents and touch base with how their child is progressing in the classroom.

How to Use Quotes to Empower Students in Your Classroom

How to use inspirational quotes to empower students in your classroom

If you follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love a good quote. Whether it’s inspirational or funny, I can identify with so many. I enjoy sharing them out and finding ones that represent where I am currently as an educator and as a person.
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