One-pagers, Not Just for ELA Anymore

New ways to engage your science students

You may have heard of a one-pager but aren’t really sure of what it is. A one-pager is a project that is typically given out in an English language arts class. Students have one page to respond to different criteria to show their knowledge of the book. A one-pager should include both visual and written information.

Engaging Your Students in Learning about Forms of Energy

Teaching your students about forms of energy

When I first started teaching, I would often get overwhelmed at the idea of teaching an entire unit. Where do you start? It can be a huge task that honestly does take time (years) to master. Even at the point that I am at in my career, I continue to tweak my lessons and how I approach my units and I think this is a good thing. Always reflecting, updating and making those tweaks is what keeps you current in the classroom and have a pulse on the needs of your students. Below, I outline how I teach a unit on energy. Whether you are brand new to teaching it or just looking for some new ideas, I hope that this information helps you. Let me know in the comments below!

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Older Students

Five ways to celebrate earth day with older students

Our planet is something that we often take for granted. Many of us are reminded to take care of it when the weather becomes warmer and Mother Nature allows us to come outside and enjoy everything our Earth has to offer. April 22 is when we celebrate our delicate planet. Here are some ideas for you to use to celebrate this holiday. Remember that even though Earth Day is April 22, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start any of these ideas right now. 

How to Teach a Novel Study Unit on A Long Walk to Water

How to Teach a Novel Study for A Long Walk to Water

         The novel, A Long Walk to Water, is a grade-level novel in my middle school. Even though I teach struggling readers, I feel it is important that they are exposed to this heartwarming story of perseverance and hope.

Celebrate Digital Learning Day by Using Quizizz in Your Classroom

Celebrate digital learning day with tips, tricks and content from your favorite technology teachers

Have you heard of Digital Learning Day? Each year in February, we celebrate all things that we are doing in the classroom that brings new technology into our students’ lives to help improve outcomes in the classroom.

Making the Periodic Table of Elements FUN for Your Students

Just hearing the words, periodic table of elements, kinda makes me want to take a nap. Do you feel the same way? It took me a little bit of time but now when I hear these words, I think of how much fun you can have with the periodic table, who knew?If you are wondering how you can have the same feelings I do about the periodic table, read below to see how I teach this unit. 

How to Effectively Use Flipbooks in Your Classroom

science flipbooks, martin luther king jr chemical and physical changes

Flipbooks are something that I really enjoy using in my secondary classroom. I have created different kinds of flipbooks across grade levels and subject areas for a variety of different tasks. Have you tried using flipbooks in your classroom? I am going to give you three reasons why you need to try this in your classroom right away. 

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