Budget Friendly and Easy Ways to Incorporate Hands on Learning in Science

How to make science fun by engaging students in learning about different topics of their interest

Science should be fun, interesting and engaging. Science needs to be more about reading a textbook and watching a Bill Nye movie. Science needs to involve as much hands-on learning as possible. Unfortunately, many teachers are thrown into the position of teaching science classes with little background knowledge, time to correctly incorporate the curriculum or funds to run it correctly.

How to Be an Organized Special Education Teacher

Keeping special ed program modifications, testing accommodations, and goals organized

Being an organized teacher can be challenging, being an organized special education teacher is next to impossible. In addition to the traditional paperwork that starts a school year, there are program modifications, testing accommodations, goals, and data, data, data. As a first, or tenth year teacher the amount of stuff to track can seem overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the year.

Bringing Math into the Digital Age with EquatIO

Math teachers, are you feeling left out of the huge digital boom in the classroom? Are you looking for new ways to add technology into your lesson but can’t find a way around including equations and math symbols into your lesson? Do you have students with 1:1 digital devices that you don’t know how to reach? I think I may have solved all your problems! Enter. EquatIO

Helping Struggling Learners Feel Successful in Your Classroom

how to compensate for varied reading levels in your classroom

Have you ever felt that you had the perfect lesson set up and ready to go until you realized that it would be difficult for the struggling readers in your classroom?

       Unfortunately, as students age, the reading discrepancy in the classroom grows. Some students may have additional reading services to compensate for this, but it can still be problematic when trying to engage students in whole class lessons in the classroom.

Teaching a Unit on the Human Body Systems

Engage and excite students in learning about the different body systems

     As you know, I love everything science. A few years ago, I had an opportunity to teach sixth-grade science which made me really excited. I was used to teaching seventh-grade science, which in my district is physical science and includes a lot of abstract topics. Sixth-grade science is life science, a big chunk of that being the human body. I was super excited but needed to decide the best framework to introduce each body system to my students.

How to Create Meaningful Anchor Charts to Decorate Your Classroom with a Purpose

How to use anchor charts to decorate a secondary classroom

Is your middle school classroom suffering from an identity crisis? Are you a first-year secondary teacher and unsure if you should even decorate your classroom? Hopefully, I can help answer those questions. 

Amplifying Student Voice with Padlet, Podcasts, and Flipgrid

Giving student voice a choice using padlet, flipgrid and podcasts

Have you ever wondered why your student participation was limited to only a few students? Are you looking for ways to get those quiet students to tell you what they know? Do you hate waiting until an assessment to realize that a majority of your class was clueless about the concept you were working on? Giving your students different methods to respond to your teaching can help to solve all these problems. Below are three ways to get increase communication in your classroom.
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