Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. I am really excited to FINALLY have one. I am hoping to be able to give out tips, ideas, and stories to help make your classroom a better place. As a middle school special education teacher, each year my caseload changes. Next year I will be teaching sixth-grade English Language Arts, small group reading for grades 6-8, and sixth and seventh-grade science. Within my teaching, I love to infuse technology, when appropriate so stay tuned for some tips and tricks. As much as I like technology, I am also an avid lover of projects and getting down with crayons or colored pencils (I am not a lover of markers like my students are). I can't wait to connect with you. Don't forget to leave a comment or feel free to contact me on social media!


  1. Kristin- Congratulations on your new blog! Good Luck! Jo-Ellen

    1. Thanks, Jo-Ellen. I hope people find the information helpful to their teaching.

  2. Yay! Love your blog, congrats! 🎈🎉🎊


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