Meaningful Activities to Get to Know Your Students

Getting to know you activities for any grade

The beginning of the school year is a fun, exciting time of year. It’s a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Before I dive into curriculum work, I feel it is essential to get to know who my students are. Knowing how they think, feel, their likes and dislikes have always helped me to continually engage them in classroom activities. Taking time the first days of the school year is very important to me.

Three ways to engage your students during your lab safety unit

Keep lab safety fun and engaging with these ideas

If your science curriculum is anything like mine, your first unit is lab safety. As a middle school science teacher, we review the tools and rules of staying safe in the science laboratory. By this point in their school careers, students have a grasp on how they should be acting and are familiar with each tool and its job. Despite this, it still must be covered and I find it is a great unit to start off the year as it gives everyone a few good grades and makes them feel like a confident scientist. However, since this is a repetitive unit that students learn about each year, I started to feel the pressure of changing up how I covered this unit. I wanted to keep it fresh, exciting, and motivating for my students. So, here are three fun activities to add to your lab safety unit.


ELA Live: Summer Series Professional Development

ELA Live Summer Series: Easy Professional Development

Looking for super easy professional development this summer? Well, look no further. During the month of August, a group of ELA teachers have gotten together to bring you tips and advice related to your ELA classroom needs. The series runs from August 1-15. 

Aug. 1st at 9 pm EST
"Project Based Learning for Secondary English Classrooms" with Mud & Ink Teaching

Aug. 2nd at 9 pm EST
"Strategies for Writing Commentary for Literary Analysis" with Bespoke ELA

Aug. 3rd at 9 pm EST
"Ideas and Strategies to Incorporate Choice Reading" with Doc Cop

Aug. 4th at 9 pm EST
"Pinpoint the Source of Most Reading Problems in Five Minutes" with Reading Simplified

Aug. 5th at 9 pm EST
"How to Teach Students to Elaborate on their Thinking" with English, Oh My! 

Aug. 6th at 9 pm EST
"How to Run a Book Club" with The Reading and Writing Haven

Aug. 7th at 1 pm EST
"Encourage Independent Reading in Reluctant Learners" with Samson's Shoppe

Aug. 8th at 9 pm EST
"Using Showcase Projects to Increase Engagement" with Spark Creativity

Aug. 9th at 4 pm EST
"How to Publish Student Writing Online and Create E-Portfolios" with Amanda Write Now

Aug. 10th at 9 pm EST
"5 Hidden Gems (books!) that Both Teachers and Students will Love with 2 Lifelong Teachers

Aug. 11th at 9 pm EST
"Starting on the Right Track with Struggling Secondary (Dependent) Learners" with Secondary Urban Legends

Aug. 12th at 9 pm EST
"Back to School Digital Escape Room" with Lit with Lyns

Aug. 13th at 9 pm EST
"Conferring with Student Writers" with Wild Child Designs

Aug. 14th at 9 pm EST
"Giving Meaningful Feedback to Writers" with Read it. Write it. Learn It. 

Aug. 15th at 9 pm EST
"Grammar Manipulations: Holding Language" with Language Arts Classroom

Unfortunately, I had to change the timing of my video due to a scheduling snafu thanks to Mom. You can view it below. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them and I will be sure to get back to you shortly! 

Also, as promised, here is the freebie reading calendar. This is perfect to use when reading fiction. Click on the calendar below to receive the freebie. I hope you enjoy using it. This freebie is part of a larger resource. If you are looking for more, click here.

Also, at the end of the Facebook Live, I discuss a quote from Disrupting Thinking that I feel would be a great discussion starter as to why reading is important. If you would like to download it to use in your classroom, click the picture below. 

Thanks for tuning in. Don't forget to check out the schedule and learn some more from my peers. Don't worry if you missed any, you can catch the replay on their Facebook pages! 

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