Easy Ways to Have a Productive Parent-Teacher Conference

Tips and Tricks for parent teacher conferences includes a freebie

Parent-teacher conferences seem to come up quickly each year. November appears to be the universal month to meet with parents and touch base with how their child is progressing in the classroom.
 In my middle school, parents are afforded an eight-minute session that they can attend for either a few hours one weeknight or during one school day. At times, eight minutes can fly, other times it seems to be an eternity. In the past, I would simply have a conversation with the parent. Most times, I had already spoken with the parent via telephone or email several times already. While this method seemed to work most of the time, there were conferences that had to end too quickly, or I realized I failed to mention something. I then developed a quick form to fill out for each student to give parents important information. I felt this sheet was perfect because it kept me on track and made sure that parents have important information to walk away with. The sheet also makes sure that you are accentuating someone positive. This will keep the meeting balanced and allow the parent to walk away feeling as though you have a true sense of their child. 

How to keep parents happy during meetings

Check out the sheet that I use. You will be asked to make a copy of the sheet in order to keep my copy as is. Feel free to edit it to meet the needs of your classroom. Good luck! 
        Have any good parent-teacher conference tips? I would love to hear. Feel free to share them in the comments below. 

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