How to Use Kami in your Blended Learning Classroom

How to use kami in a pinch

Kami is a PDF app that works with Google Drive and Classroom.
 Your class might be like mine where you have students that have 1:1 assistive tech devices that must be used in the classroom. While I do love technology, I do not use it ALL the time so this posed a problem for the times when I was using a worksheet or printables with my students. 

Then came Kami

To use Kami, simply upload the document that you are using your Google Drive.
  1.        Click the blue rectangular “NEW” button to the left.
  2.            Click on “File Upload”.
  3.       Search for the File on your PC.
  4.       Upload it as a PDF.

Upon doing this, you can then share it with your students. How you share it will depend on your learning management system. In Google Classroom, you will create a new assignment and share it that way.

Once students open the assignment they will be given an option of how to open in the top middle of their screen. They should choose to open with Kami.

Once in the program, they have so many possibilities. Students can:
  • ·       Write on the document
  • ·       Annotate text
  • ·       Draw
  • ·       Insert images or shapes
  • ·       Highlight
  • ·       Voice annotation
Turn PDFs into digital documents with KAMI

They can save the document and share it with others. This program is absolutely perfect for special needs students or any student that likes to use technology in the classroom. 

Like this tech tip? Have more questions? Let me know in the comments. 

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