How to Effectively Use Flipbooks in Your Classroom

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Flipbooks are something that I really enjoy using in my secondary classroom. I have created different kinds of flipbooks across grade levels and subject areas for a variety of different tasks. Have you tried using flipbooks in your classroom? I am going to give you three reasons why you need to try this in your classroom right away. 

#1 Great for visual learners: As a special education teacher, it can be difficult to get my students to write, never mind summarize, information.  I find that using flipbooks in my classroom gets my students to summarize content in a way that is different from the laborious task of writing out a paragraph. The visual aspect of a flipbook is naturally pleasing to the eye. Students aren’t initially viewing it as something that will be very difficult. This will trick them into doing more work. I include different types of graphic organizers on each page. This helps to keep things fresh and different.

#2: Review: I use flipbooks to review information. Normally, after a unit, my students will complete a flipbook to illustrate what they learned. Each tab shows important content. Once completed, students now have an easy way to review content for an upcoming assessment.

#3: An Alternate form of assessment: I create rubrics for my flipbooks. Therefore, I can use them as a form of assessment instead of having to give a formal test. Students won’t have the same anxiety they would encounter if they came across a scantron test. Often, it can be a better determination of their ability to understand the topic. 

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    Have you tried using flipbooks in your classroom? I would love to know what worked.... and what didn't. Leave me a comment below. 

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