Celebrate Digital Learning Day by Using Quizizz in Your Classroom

Celebrate digital learning day with tips, tricks and content from your favorite technology teachers

Have you heard of Digital Learning Day? Each year in February, we celebrate all things that we are doing in the classroom that brings new technology into our students’ lives to help improve outcomes in the classroom.

         I love to include different opportunities for students to use technology in the classroom when it is appropriate. We are lucky to be able to access Chromebooks on a regular basis. Having the Chromebooks in the classroom allows me to try out new websites with my students.

         For review, many teachers have heard of Kahoot. While my students love this site for reviewing information, I am not in love with it. The music for one drives me mad. I also don’t like how my students race to answer questions without really looking at the options. Since Kahoot rewards accuracy and speed, I have students who will try to answer the questions as fast as possible not really looking at their choices. 

Why Use Quizizz? 

         To solve this problem, I use Quizizz. Quizizz is super similar to Kahoot in that you can search or create your own review games. I choose to create my own as I find this formative assessment is indicative of how students will perform on a later assessment.

         Quizizz is designed for students in grades 3-12. It is free. Students are not timed while they are reviewing. Instead, students will see how they are performing compared to their peers, but the winner isn’t announced until everyone is finished. I like this option because no one feels rushed. Students like it because, after each question, right or wrong, a funny meme will pop up. This keeps them interested. The music is not wild and erratic but soothing and engaging for students. 

Kahoot or quizizz which review game do you prefer

Quizizz can also be linked to Google Classroom which makes it easy for kids to access and can be assigned for homework. At the end of the review game, you can access how students performed. This data is helpful to have for parents or yourself. It can also show how students are progressing within the subject area.

Check out my video below. I will walk you through the key features of this site.

Want access to a FREE Quizizz? This one was created to be used with my skeletal and muscular system unit.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about how I use technology in the classroom. Comment below and let me know what type of technology you love to use in your classroom. 

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  1. Great post about, Quizziz! I love the image that compares it to Kahoot <3
    The Techie Teacher®

    1. Thank you! Both games are great but I prefer Quizizz over Kahoot. I hope you check them out.

  2. Wow! I have used Kahoot, but not Quizziz. I am super excited to try it with students.

  3. I love Kahoot! Now I need to try Quizziz! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Thank you!! I just created an acct. :-) I love the data aspect you talked about. It's one thing saying to parents how kids can improve, but it's another showing them why and how you came to this conclusion.

    I use Kahoot right now for my English and Spanish classes. We are definitely going to give Quizziz a try tomorrow! Accuracy is key. Too many times in Kahoot kids just push an answer right away bc it is timed. Sometimes they don't even read the answer choices, either. They want to win so they sit and pray their answer is correct. Quizziz sounds much better for a classroom setting.

    Thank you, again!!

    1. Hi Tara, you are our giveaway winner! :) Please email me at SamsonsShoppe@gmail.com to receive your prize.

  5. Oops....I can't believe I spelled it all wrong. Quizizz, not Quizziz. Ha! Better here than to parents, right?!?!! :-)

  6. I use Kahoot in my 5th grade Social Studies classes. We use it to review for vocabulary quizzes, soc. st. quizzes and tests. We also use it for fun days (like holidays). I will put a couple of comprehension questions in and use it after we read.

    I have not tried Quizziz, but it sounds great! Thank you.

  7. I haven't used either Kahoot or Quizziz. Sounds like fun!

  8. Awesome post! I love Quizziz, too, especially the memes!

  9. I love all the Quizziz features you mentioned. I especially like how everything is easily assessed by both teachers and students! It even sounds geared towards students with the funny memes after questions. :) I would love to see something like this geared towards younger students as well, I would definitely use it in my classroom!


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