Bringing Math into the Digital Age with EquatIO

Math teachers, are you feeling left out of the huge digital boom in the classroom? Are you looking for new ways to add technology into your lesson but can’t find a way around including equations and math symbols into your lesson? Do you have students with 1:1 digital devices that you don’t know how to reach? I think I may have solved all your problems! Enter. EquatIO


Helping Struggling Learners Feel Successful in Your Classroom

how to compensate for varied reading levels in your classroom

Have you ever felt that you had the perfect lesson set up and ready to go until you realized that it would be difficult for the struggling readers in your classroom?

       Unfortunately, as students age, the reading discrepancy in the classroom grows. Some students may have additional reading services to compensate for this, but it can still be problematic when trying to engage students in whole class lessons in the classroom.

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