How to Teach Chemical and Physical Changes to Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

How to teach a unit on chemical and physical changes to your upper elementary and middle school students

Are you frustrated with finding different ways to get your students to understand how matter changes? Instructing students on being able to identify the differences between chemical and physical changes can be frustrating for both the teacher and the student. When I first began teaching, this was a unit I dreaded. I felt intimidated in how to accurately teach this concept to my students and didn’t feel confident in myself. Flash forward ELEVEN YEARS and I can now say this is one of my favorite units to teach. I still find it challenging but I also feel like a rockstar when I know my students have grasped this difficult concept. I want you to have that same rockstar feeling so keep reading to learn some tips for this unit. 

Three Ways to Survive Teaching During the Holiday and Testing Season

It’s getting to be that time of year that every teacher dreads. The time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Students are all anxiously awaiting the winter holidays and are not thinking about school. Teachers are looking for a chance to relax and recharge. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. We must fight the good fight and continue to teach. What are some of the best practices to keep our sanity while engaging the students? Check out these strategies that you can use in your own classroom to help. 
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