How to Use Nearpod to Increase Engagement in Your Science Classroom

Using Nearpod to increase Engagement in Your Science Classroom

You know what Nearpod is and the basics on using it, but now you are wondering how to introduce and implement this into your science classroom. As an avid user of Nearpod, I try to infuse it into my classroom whenever possible. Read to learn how I integrate Nearpod into my science classes in ways that integrate my curriculum, engagement, and technology to create a huge classroom win for my students.

Visual Note Taking, Doodle, and Sketch Note Strategies to Incorporate into Your Classroom

Back in what feels like the age of the dinosaurs when I first started teaching, I had a student named Cole. We were reading the novel, Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam, I remember reading this novel aloud to the students, stopping every so often to check in with them and seeing one student doodling. Doodling = not paying attention. I would stop and try to catch him not able to answer a question or understand an important plot event in the story. Guess what? It never happened. Cole was paying attention. He was able to doodle because the doodling ALLOWED him to pay attention. This observation was a game-changer and one that I am so glad happened early on in my career.

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