Five Classroom Supplies Every Science Teacher Needs

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The first days of school are a whirlwind. There is so much preparation that needs to take place from thinking about lesson planning, classroom management strategies to classroom décor. Below is a list of my must haves as a science teacher. Read below to make sure you are prepared for the back to school season.

Clorox Wipes

Labs and hands on activities can get messy. Using Clorox Wipes or some other kind of disinfecting wipe will prove to be helpful in your classroom. At the end of each week, I also use them to wipe down communal spots like doorknobs, computer keyboards, classroom phones, etc. to keep away germs and other bacteria. COVID-19 now makes this more important than ever. 

Ziploc Bags

I use these all year long. I prefer the gallon size bags. They are perfect to store science materials. I try to group my materials by unit. They can hold electricity supplies, task cards, or tubs of playdoh depending on our needs for the day. They also can be used for the students if an activity takes longer than a class period. Simply put their names on the bag and they are ready to be used the following day.

Every science teacher needs to add ziploc bags to their back to school list for hands on activities and classroom storage.

Lab Safety Materials

These banners are perfect to hang around your room to remind students of lab safety rules and concepts as well as the scientific method all year long. They are bright and vivid to catch students’ attention and keep them on track.

Remind students of lab safety and the scientific method using classroom decor in the science room.

Social Distancing Posters

With the implementation of social distancing in many classrooms across the country, these social distancing posters are handy reminders for students to remember in the classroom. Read more about how to use them and involve your class in creating a list of expectations in your classroom here

Desk calendar

I need this to organize myself. This year I am trying out the Happy Planner desk calendar. While I am not a planner person, I do rely on my desk calendar to keep track of assemblies, meetings, and school trips. I like having the month set out in front of me so that I know what is going on ahead of time. Being organized can be difficult, especially for the science teacher, but is really important to keep your classroom running smoothly.

Start the back to school season with these five classroom supplies every science teacher should have in their classroom. From organization to storage to classroom decor, these are five items that are essential to have a successful school year.

I hope this list helps you prepare for the back to school season. What other items would you add to this list? Tell me below. 

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