Welcome! My name is Kristin. I have been teaching science and reading on Long Island, NY for thirteen years. I thrive on bringing hands-on, engaging activities to all learners, especially those that struggle in the classroom. Having a master’s degree in literacy, I strive to incorporate literacy into science whenever applicable. Another passion of mine is to include technology into the classroom. I believe technology has a place and can really help some students fly on their own, but I believe in a balanced approach. Just as much as I love technology, I believe students need to be using their hands to create, color and learn. 

       In addition to teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and furry child, Samson (pictured below). I love painting, massages, and Vera Bradley!

       If you would like to connect, email me at SamsonsShoppe@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @samsonsshoppe.   

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